Our small scale requires our products to be highly innovative in the market. We commercialise specialised products for particular life stages, and formulate and produce tailored small-scale feeds.


WINFast | fast growing larvae
WINFlat | flatfish larvae
BROODFeed | broodstock
Tailor Hatchery | customised to your larvae


Zebrafeed | standard food for zebrafish


FEEDNETICS | a prediction tool for fish farmers and aquafeed formulators
FiT | custom feeding tables

SPAROS has developed a premium range of feeds with high quality ingredients using state-of-the-art production technologies. Our feeds are especially designed to support marine fish hatcheries that want to excel in performance and quality.


These innovative and highly digestible feeds ensure minimum nutrient losses caused by leaching, thereby fulfilling larval and broodstock nutritional requirements. Hatchery Feeds result from a combination of fish nutrition scientific knowledge and SPAROS’ state-of-the-art technologies of cold extrusion.

Premium weaning microdiet for excellent performance of fast growing species, as well as seabass and seabream larvae. It is produced with high quality ingredients by low-shear extrusion and includes microencapsulation of heat-sensitive nutrients.

Species › Amberjack | Cobia | Grouper | Meagre | Red Drum | Seabream | Seabass | Yellowtail


  • Balanced nutritional composition
  • Enhanced growth performance
  • Reduced size dispersion
  • Reduced cannibalism
  • Improved stress/ disease resistance
  • High digestibility
  • High palatability
  • Low impact on water quality

Premium weaning microdiet for flatfish larvae, produced with high quality ingredients by low-shear extrusion. Includes microencapsulation of heat-sensitive nutrients.

Species › Atlantic halibut | Olive flounder | Senegalese sole | Turbot


  • Balanced nutritional composition
  • Enhanced growth performance
  • Reduced size dispersion
  • Reduced cannibalism
  • Improved stress/ disease resistance
  • High digestibility
  • High palatability
  • Low impact on water

Premium feed for broodstock fish produced by low-shear extrusion. Includes high quality ingredients, microencapsulation of heat-sensitive nutrients, and optimal levels of vitamins and trace minerals.

Species › Amberjack | Grouper | Meagre | Sole | Wreckfish


  • Balanced nutritional composition
  • Enhanced spawning performance
  • Improved larval quality
  • Improved stress/ disease resistance
  • High palatability and soft texture for wild-caught fish
  • Long-term effects on growth and health

SPAROS can formulate and produce tailor-made aquafeeds to meet your needs.
Our pilot-scale feed mill and the wide range of raw materials that we keep in stock provide multiple solutions to produce the most adequate aquafeed for your hatchery.

What we do

  • Formulation and production of functional diets
  • Formulation of novel aquafeeds for emerging species
  • Production of aquafeeds with specific physical properties

ZEBRAFEED is a nutritionally balanced microdiet for all life stages of zebrafish used in biomedical research. It incorporates the latest scientific knowledge on the nutritional requirements of zebrafish to ensure high welfare standards and naturally enhance the spawning performance.


ZEBRAFEED is commercialized on a global basis and contributes towards a higher standardisation of zebrafish husbandry.


  • Constant nutritional composition
  • Balanced profile for the entire life-cycle
  • Excellent spawning performance
  • Low impact on water quality
  • High welfare standard
  • Convenience of use

Customised zebrafish feeds

SPAROS also provides diet customisation services to address your research hypothesis. Our pilot manufacturing scale allows producing extremely small batches (100–200 g).

  • Controlled changes of specific nutrients
  • Targeted supplementation of additives
  • Incorporation of chemical compounds for toxicology and drug screening
  • Methyl-donors for epigenetic studies
  • Inhibitors of metabolic and neurological pathways
  • Feed tagging with fluorescent (lipid dyes, GFP) and stable-isotopes
  • Diets with purified ingredients

Based on a state-of-the-art mathematical model, FEEDNETICS allows to evaluate the effects of different nutritional and environmental conditions on target indicators of fish farm production. FEEDNETICS is a decision support tool which empowers users to test multiple scenarios within hours, in a virtual environment.

This tool is used to assist

  • Planning and management of feeding strategies at the fish farm
  • Formulation of novel aquafeeds at the feed mill

Target species

Gilthead seabream | European seabass | Rainbow trout | Nile tilapia

More available soon


  • User friendly interface
  • Flexibility in data input
  • Exportable outputs from the web-app (more than 100 KPI’s)

With FEEDNETICS you can:

  • Compare estimated FCR of different feeds or feeding regimes.
  • Compare different feeds or feeding regimes, to estimate the most cost-effective.
  • Predict the expected growth and body composition of a new feed under a farm´s annual temperature profile.
  • Predict the waste (Solids, N and P) at a given site and compare for different feeds or feeding regimes.
  • Assess how different feeds perform in farm sites with different temperature profiles.

Access FEEDNETICS value by:

  • Purchasing an annual web-application license
      • – Farmer´s license
      • – Formulator´s license
      • – Academic license
  • Attending a hands-on workshop
  • Acquiring a standard scenario comparison report (we perform the simulations for you)
  • Requesting a tailored consulting service

Choose the option that is right for you

Each fish farm is unique so is its feeding requirements. A one size fit all feeding table does not fit efficient aquaculture production. That is why we are applying validated scientific models to simulate a given species feed requirements.

Create your custom feeding tables with FiT.