SPAROS believes that a strong own R&D effort is a key for success.


This effort is directed at developing innovative products and processes for fish feeding and nutrition using state-of-the-art technologies.


SPAROS was committed in the following R&D projects:


» ANYFISH - Development of new technologies for the production of fish feeds (QREN I&DT)

» FEEDNETIX - Development of an informatic application to improve cost-benefit of feeding in farmed fish (QREN I&DT)

» GREENDIETS – Formulation and testing of new microalgae-based diets for aquaculture (QREN I&DT)

» INUTR - Development of a diet that minimizes the detrimental effects of the winter disease in seabream based on molecular biomarkers of metabolic status (QRENI&DT)

» MARAQUAFEED - Preserved zooplankton as a diet for marine aquaculture species (EUROSTARS)

» MICALA - Development of a microencapsulated feed for fish larvae (QREN I&DT)

» NUTRICOR – Pilot-project for developing feeds for meagre farming (PROMAR)

» NUTRITAI - Pilot project on development of nutritional basis for grey mullet biological farming (PROMAR)

» SOLEAWIN - Pilot project for optimization of feeding tables during transition from live diets to inert diets in Senegalese sole (PROMAR)

» WEANTUNA - A new weaning-diet for bluefin tuna larvae (Eurostars, QREN I&DT)

» ZEBRAFEEDS - Development of standard diets for zebrafish (Danio rerio), a model organism in biomedical research (QREN I&DT)


SPAROS is currently involved in the following R&D projects:


» ALISSA - Healthy and sustainable feeds for fish reared in aquaculture (P2020)

» ARRAINA - Advanced Research Initiatives for Nutrition & Aquaculture (FP7)

» CORWIN - Development of a high-performance diet for the early stages of meagre development (P2020)

» LARVAMIX - Development of a micronutrient pre-mixture to optimize marine fish larval diets (P2020)

» MIRACLES - The CO2 algae biorefinery novel bioinspired materials and processes (FP7)

» MYSIS - A novel weaning diet to optimize performance of farmed shrimp larvae (H2020)

» ODIN - Food-based solutions for eradication of vitamin D deficiency and health promotion throughout the life cycle (FP7)

» ORNAFEEDS - New feeds rich in microalgae and zooplankton biomasses for aquarium-raised organisms (P2020)

» SPINBIZ - Infrastructure and equipment improvements for an increase of SPAROS productive capacity (P2020)

» WISEFEED - Improving sustainability and performance of aquafeeds (H2020)


We have structural collaborations with several Universities and R&D centres, aiming at developing cutting-edge products.


We continuously look for strategic partnerships in projects with other companies and research institutions in the areas of fish nutrition and aquaculture.