We offer a highly flexible technology platform to manufacture feeds at a pilot-scale
We can produce feed batches from 10 up to 150 kg/hr dedicated to:

» R&D projects
» Ornamental fish
» Fish broodstock
» Speciality feeds (immuno-boosted, finishing diet, functional foods)
» Larvae and fry stages
» Zebrafish
» Pilot-scale testing at fish farms

We can produce feed batches from 10 to 150 kg/h dedicated to your R&D projects.


Our diets are produced according to your demands, both in composition and physical properties.


Our technological solutions include:

            » Extrusion 

            » Vacuum coating

            » Spray-drying and fluidized-bed encapsulation


We can assist in formulating feeds according to the objectives of your R&D projects.


Research feeds were developed with support of project QREN I&DT – Individual ANYFISH (1460):

Optimal nutrition is key to growth, pigmentation, fertility and health of your fish and shrimp. SPAROS with its expertise in innovation and development of unique nutritional solutions for aquatic organisms, decided to enrolled in a brand new project: AQUATICA


  shrimp chunk DISCUS


AQUATICA feeds convey benefits beyond the traditional nutritional needs of the animals. Formulated with the latest nutritional knowledge. Raw materials and additives of the highest quality and freshness. Ultra-premium feeds produced under state-of-the-art extrusion technology, applying techniques of Cold-extrusion, spheronization and microencapsulation to preserve maximum freshness and guarantee a high water stability of the pellets.



Feeds that will revolutionize your hobby


ZEBRAFEED was recently launched in the market by SPAROS, aiming to cover the entire life-cyle (larvae to adults) of zebrafish, a widely used model for biomedical research.


The well-known nutritional composition of ZEBRAFEED will contribute to a further standardisation of biomedical research studies. 


For further information, please check the ZEBRAFEED brochure and technical sheet.


Prices currently available for ZEBRAFEED are as follows:


 tabela zebra3333


* VAT not included


Shipping fees will be determined as follows:




Please contact us if you have further questions or need to order larger quantities.



 Small batches of customised feeds for zebrafish can also be produced.




Novel Hatchery feeds by SPAROS include a range of premium diets for broodstock, flatfish larvae and larvae of fast growing fish species.



Hatchery feeds brood 


 Hatchery feeds winflat


Hatchery feeds winfast 



For further information or orders, do not hesitate in contacting us!

wastEst is a computational tool to help fish farmers and researchers estimate minimum and maximum bounds for waste output of aquacultural activities.

This tool is being developed in the context of FP7 project ARRAINA.


A working prototype of the tool (calibrated for gilthead seabream and European seabass) is currently available online, so we urge users and interested parties to experiment with the tool and provide us with feedback to improve it.

SPAROS is launching a software for prediction of fish growth and body composition, as well as nutrient waste outputs, based on environmental temperature, feed formulation and feeding regime. As we are currently in the beta-testing stage, we urge interested parties to contact us.