SPAROS is a spin-off company of the Centre of Marine Sciences of Algarve (CCMAR) / University of Algarve, devoted to innovate in the development of new products and processes for fish feeding and nutrition

We offer the alliance of a strong scientific background in the area of fish nutrition with a flexible pilot-scale feed technology platform to the aquaculture sector

SPAROS is located in the South of Portugal (Algarve region) but aims to serve the whole European market


We offer a highly flexible technology platform to manufacture feeds at a pilot-scale
We can produce feed batches from 10 up to 150 kg/hr dedicated to:

» R&D projects
» Ornamental fish
» Fish broodstock
» Speciality feeds (immuno-boosted, finishing diet, functional foods)
» Larvae and fry stages
» Zebrafish
» Pilot-scale testing at fish farms