Office & Pilot-plant:
Área Empresarial de Marim, Lote C
8700-221 Olhão


Phone: + 351 289435145
Fax : + 351 289715729



Jorge Dias
Phone: + 351 933807846


Researcher in the Aquaculture Group at Centre of Marine Sciences of Algarve (Portugal)
Scientist in the Aquaculture team at Roche / DSM Nutritional Products (France)
PhD in Fish Nutrition by the University of Porto (Portugal)
MSc in Food Technology by the University of Bordeaux (France)
MSc in Marine Biology and Fisheries by the University of Algarve (Portugal)
Expertise in fish nutrition: nutritional requirements of new species; feed formulation and feeding practices; fish feed technology; nutritional modulation of fish quality.

Luís Conceição
Phone: + 351 917015872


Researcher in the Aquaculture Group at Centre of Marine Sciences of Algarve (Portugal)
Postdoc researcher at SINTEF Aquaculture & Fisheries (Norway)
PhD and MSc in Aquaculture by the Wageningen University (The Netherlands)
MSc in Aquatic Environment Sciences, Institute of Biomedical Sciences "Abel Salazar", University of Porto (Portugal)
Expertise in aquaculture, namely in fish nutrition: amino acid and protein metabolism of larval and juvenile fish; sustainable aquaculture practices, mechanistic modelling of biological systems, and the relation between stress, growth and fish welfare

Vera Rodrigues
Phone: + 351 963571137


MSc in Marine Biology (specialisation Aquaculture) by the University of Algarve.
Experience in feed technology (extrusion, vacuum coating and preparation of moist feeds).
Experience in conducting fish nutrition trials (digestibility, performance).

Manuel Sardinha
Phone: + 351 932420732


Marine Biologist (Algarve University) with an MSc in Aquaculture and Fisheries (Algarve and Wageningen University). Expertise in feed technology (extruded feeds and vacuum coating). Experience in fish, molluscs and echinoderms sampling and trials.

André Santos
Phone: + 351 933425529


Biochemical degree and MSc in Biotechnology by the University of Algarve.
Experience with microencapsulation technologies for the development for fish larvae diets (emulsion, spray-drying, fluid-bed drying and agglomeration) and technologies of feed production (extrusion, vacuum coating). Analytical characterization of fish feeds.

Wilson Pinto
Phone: + 351 935294019


PhD in Aquaculture, specialisation area of Nutrition by the University of Algarve.
Marine Biologist by the University of Algarve.
Main areas of expertise include nutrition of marine fish larvae, namely the physiological role of amino acids and their metabolism. Current activities comprise formulation of microdiets for marine fish larvae through extrusion and microencapsulation technologies.

José Diogo Gonçalves

Phone: + 351 935111766



MA in Applied Foreign Languages by Catholic University of Portugal.
Experience in market research and business analysis. Current activities on new product development, planning and financial management of projects.

Tomé Silva

Phone: + 351 936222203



Biochemist (University of Algarve) with a PhD in Biological Sciences/Molecular Biology. Main areas of expertise include high-throughput molecular biology techniques (proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics), biostatistics, bioinformatics and computational biology.

Marco Correia
Phone: + 351 931112939


Degree in Biochemistry by the University of Algarve.

Experience with molecular modelling (software PyMOL, AutoDock and GROMACS).

Current activities involve the area of feed technology (extrusion, vacuum coating). 

Teresa Vairinhos

Phone: +351 912461957



Chemistry degree by the University of Algarve.

Professional experience in the areas of administration, financial and quality systems.

Responsible for finantial exectution and management of projects.

Milene Grenhas

Phone: +351 289435145



Degree in Sociology and Masters in Business Management by the University of Algarve.

Professional experience in market studies, human resources and administrative management.

Current activities are focused on administrative and product management.



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