Know-how and scientific competences:
    » Nutrition and feeding of fish
    » Feed formulation
    » Optimization of feeding strategies
    » Development of farming protocols for new species
    » Experience in R&D projects in European and National Science and Technology systems & Industry
SPAROS aims to promote joint projects between Universities/Research Institutes and the Industry.
Sparos fosters the transfer of knowledge and expertise to feed mills, producers of ingredients and additives and fish farms.


Focus is given on tackling the industry sustainability challenges through innovative new products and processes for fish feeding and nutrition

Tailor-made research studies (contract research)
Evaluation of the efficacy of ingredients, feeds and additives (growth performance, digestibility, appetence, effluent loads)
Optimization of processes
     » Protocols for larval rearing and feeding
     » Feed formulation for new species
     » Feeding strategies to improve efficiency & fish welfare
     » Quality and added-value to final product
R&D project brokerage and preparation of applications