SPAROS is a spin-off company of the Centre of Marine Sciences of Algarve (CCMAR) / University of Algarve, devoted to innovate in the development of new products and processes for fish feeding and nutrition

We offer the alliance of a strong scientific background in the area of fish nutrition with a flexible pilot-scale feed technology platform to the aquaculture sector

SPAROS is located in the South of Portugal (Algarve region) but aims to serve the whole European market


Batch production of feeds for:

  • R&D projects
  • Pilot-scale trials (new species)
  • Broodstock
  • Zebrafish
  • Ornamental fish
  • Larvae and fry stages
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  • Tailor-made research trials
  • R&D Project partnership
  • R&D Project brokerage and preparation of applications
  • Optimization of processes in the area of nutrition and feeding of fish

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New facilities
A SPAROS Lda has moved its facilites, its offices and pilot-plant being now at the Área Empresarial de Marim, Olhão, some 10 Km from Faro.


SPAROS Lda, Futuna Blue España, University of Algarve and CSIC, have recently started project WEANTUNA, co-funded by EUROSTARS, PO ALGARVE 21 and QREN (Portugal), which aims to develop a new range of weaning feeds and a weaning protocol for bluefin tuna.


SPAROS Young Researcher Grant
Sparos is offering two grants to cover registration and travel expenses to particiate in the Aquaculture Europe 2014 meeting, this fall in San Sebastian (Spain). This is part of the SPAROS committement to the advancement of the Portuguese scientific research on the area of Fish Nutrition. SPAROS recognizes the importance of providing more opportunities for young researchers to attend meetings and conferences. See more info


Successful SPAROS products
SPAROS Lda supplies feeds for R&D nutritional trials and fish broodstock. These tailor-made fish feeds have an increasing demand in several companies, research centres and Universities, across Europe.